Drums Tuning Workshop

Drums Tuning Workshop (all levels)
Sa. 24.02.2024



Do you have a drum that doesn’t sound the way you want it to be?
Do you always wonder which drumheads you should use and how to tune them?
Have you always struggled to get the right tuning out of your drum?
Do you want to enhance your tuning skills?
Then this workshop is for you.

Drummers sound and perform better on tuned drums! In this 5 hours, small group, Drums Tuning Workshop,  you will learn to make your drums sound the way you want them to and make them feel good to play. We will go through all the topics and steps for you to achieve the drum sound you have always wanted to hear.

This workshop is divided into theoretical and hands-on practical sections.
Topics during the workshop:

  • Drumhead types & how to choose the right drumhead.
  • Shell & Rim types.
  • Live and recording tuning setup.
  • Wood and metal snare drum tuning.
  • Bass drum tuning.
  • Tom tuning and how to make them sound cohesive.
  • Dampening options.

What other participants say about this workshop:
I recently did a tuning workshop with Markos, he managed to erase my tuning doubts I had for many many years and give me the confidence to tune a set with success every time, meaning the kit now always sounds killer when I use the methods he taught me!” – Harry Michael

Sa. 24.02.2024 | Time: 11:00 – 16:00 | Duration: 5 hours
Location: Teilestr. 24, 12099 Berlin
Language: English & German, depending on the participants
Price: 99 € (89 € for regulars)

All drums and drum-heads for the workshop are provided.
The price also includes mineral water, bio coffee, tea & snacks.
Because the number of participants is limited to a small group, it is recommended to book early.

Registration, questions and more info:  or use the contact form below.